What is “Perspective Shifting”?

Holy crap, lovely souls, what a night. Everyone in the system was expecting Kayleigh Marie to roar but she whispered; Loudly. Just as importantly, I experienced something that I have dubbed “Perspective Shifting”. It happened during a green moment (G), last night.

(E/e=SC-ANP, (A), ARS, A/e, E/-p+, (-f+), E/em, (G), P0 -D, (T), I/co, I/p, I/d=M/s-F/s)

  We recommended the movie “Shot Caller” on our blog and it just happened that a scene from the movie popped up into our Youtube feed late last night. That scene, was far more important than we first thought, especially, to our Love Bug, Katy Mae. I knew, immediately, something was going on with her.

  Katy Mae is our music lover – Music can set her off and it happened again last night. She had penned a thank you post for friends and loved ones because of music that she had heard. The music from the scene below is all it took and something really weird/amazing happened.

For about 5 minutes as we watched the main character doing squats with his cellmate, I instantly realized something was happening. Katy Mae wasn’t speaking to anyone in the system, she was transfixed with what she was hearing and listening to. Her attention was palpable.

That’s when I realized we still had a Non Dominant State (NDS) happening but my/our perspective shifted to Katy Mae’s. This was NOT a dominance issue happening; the system was simply experiencing Katy Mae’s overwhelming and immediate perspective to what she was hearing and seeing. It’s an Internal and External projection of our family, from her vantage point.

It is the oddest feeling in the world when a perspective shift happens. A perspective shift can happen at any time. One ends up feeling somewhat possessed; To a point but not completely taken over. To me, it felt like an adrenaline rush. What an exciting experience; To experience someone’s else’s perspective.

This Echo Element (E/e) is one of hers – The rest of us experience and interpret that element differently (X9).  As I was aware that she was active, I immediately understood how she felt about what she was listening and watching. It didn’t take years, months or weeks to solve this one, it was instant.

At the same time, MikeANP, was Co-engaged (C/eg) with her I understood exactly what Katy Mae projecting to us. I posted “We fight” in response to what she was feeling and projecting – That’s why the comments on that post were disabled. That post was for her; The rest of the system felt it was okay to share it with the world.

She doesn’t want me to publicly share what this Echo Element is really about and I have to respect the Bug’s wishes. I can, however say this; I totally understand why this element would move her in the way that it did. It makes perfect sense to me/us. It made perfect sense to loved ones and friends we shared it with, as well. 

So, that, lovely souls is what a perspective shift is like. Now, we are going to have to let Kayleigh Marie implement this into her coded language. That should be pretty awesome to watch. Since you have gotten this far, you have earned a giggle. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading more about our family! This is so hilarious.