What is a “Possession” (P) like?

Possessions; We have written a lot about possessions (P) before but we thought we would give new readers a heads up to what they are; For those of you who have been following us for a while, no need to read this post unless you’re as bored as we are – There might be new information for you in this post, though.

What the hell is a possession? What happens during one? Are they dangerous? We have all the answers for you! Click “Continue Reading” to continue reading.

Possessions are very nutty events. We like to describe them as an event in which you (or us) feel as though someone else has taken over your body – In some cases, a ghost. Sometimes, we will sense a possession beginning to happen; All you can really do is hang on. If the possession is sudden enough, we might not know, collectively that we are even in a possession.

Possessions happen when someone (or all /some of us) become triggered because of an outside event. In our particular case, possession are dissociative events (D/s) – Meaning that we will usually end up extremely amnesic of the event as a whole. Depending on the strength of the possession and the triggers that led to it, we might be able to remember small details of the event but only in isolated cases.

It’s like being in a car accident. You remember everything before and after the accident but the actual wreck, forget about it; You can’t remember a thing.

The easiest way to describe a possession is that another family member has become temporarily dominant in response to a trigger. All of our family members have different triggers and we all respond to those triggers in possession(s) in different and unique ways.

Possessions are completely different than a split (/S/). A possession is a temporary state of mind and being. A possession will rarely last more than a few hours, whereas a dominant (-D+) split (S) means another family member is dominant for months, possibly longer. Family members can be Co-Engaged with the ANP (Apparently Normal Part) but that doesn’t mean that a possession is happening.

Most people that know us associate a possession to us, in response to another family member on the defense or an attack (A/atk) but that’s certainly not the actual case. Possessions can happen not only negative events but positive ones as well. A perfect example is last night. Katy Mae heard the following, very beautiful song she’s never heard before:

Katy Mae is our artist and she loves music more than anything. She was already becoming more and more dominant and this piece of new music drove her over the edge. The beauty of the music triggered her into a possessed state. When Katy Mae becomes possessed, she likes to write; More specifically, poetry. If you go back and read “Without you” which she mostly penned, you can see her distinct writing fingerprint on that article.

Loved ones agree, with MikeANP that it read more like a Katy Mae poem, rather than a blog post. The rest of us don’t even remember writing it, we don’t even remember the events surrounding why Katy Mae decided to write what she did – It was simply her time to voice her opinion about our recovery and that’s how possessions work – Also known in our family as an Autonomous Action (A/a). Katy Mae was acting upon her own, without the approval or disapproval of the rest of the system.

Possessions can be dangerous in an asymmetric way; Because the event is dissociative, one can forget something is cooking on the stove – Or that the dog has been out longer in the heat than should be. Perhaps in a possessed state we might forget to take our meds. If an altar is on the attack (A/atk) he, she or they may end up saying or acting in a way the rest of the system doesn’t agree with; Only to learn of the event later, after the possession ends (Dispossession). Like we said, dangerous in an asymmetric way.

This can also be the case of happy or positive possessions. Altars or the ANP in that particular, elevated case may still end up acting against the wishes of those in the rest of the system, in some cases, only to be confronted by an angry family (Altars/ANP) during the dispossession phase. It’s a balancing act.

Whew! That’s enough writing for now! We will write about dispossessions in another post, which is a completely different beast!! Thank you lovely readers for stopping by and reading about our family! (A->)