What is a “Fragment” (-f+)?

This, lovely readers is where things get very, very interesting. The entire system has “fragments” (-f+) but what exactly are they? A quick explanation is that they are extensions (Hundreds, if not thousands of them) of all of us. Consider fragments the safe alternative to being ourselves – Which has what this has always been about.  

One of Kayleigh Marie’s primary fragments (-f+). This element is from “SuckerPunch”.

Where things get interesting is when one of us chooses a fragment both in mind and body, sometimes . That’s where things get also get sticky, messy and potentially dangerous.

We need to make sure that our readers understand the importance of pre-DiD discovery and post DiD discovery when it relates to fragments. We would describe ourselves as a kite without a string pre DiD discovery and that’s exactly what it was like.

A kite without a string – We would end up possessed, split, dissociated and frightened waking up sometimes, in an entirely different state. One day we are mechanically engineering something, the next day, we are building greenhouses in our home (seriously) and would be tending homegrown plants (Casey Affleck, Interstellar). This is the result(s) of fragmentation.



This echo element (E/e) has nothing to do with being a sniper. It has everything to do with our ability to hide and remain unseen. Imagine our confusion.

We would end up in doctor’s offices and psychotherapists offices as fragments of our actual selves. We became so fluent in movie speak that none of the professionals knew we were in character mode. This is how we ended up misdiagnosed for decades, even though in some cases, we would show doctors visual echos of something; Stumped as to what it meant.

We learned, through severe trauma(s) that lasted over a decade, being ourselves was potentially dangerous. We had to become other people to survive what happened to us. The problem was that we didn’t know that’s exactly what was happening. No one knew what was wrong with us and we have survived decades and decades of misdiagnosis that had spun us into hell itself. We ended up chameleons of sorts and fragmentation was the only safe alternative we had.

It wasn’t enough to echo hundreds of movie lines from characters, we had to be become the characters themselves – and this led us to finding fragments that personified who we truly were. We had to feel exactly what our fragments felt, we had to do exactly what our fragments did and had to study the professions of our fragments, just as they would have.

One of Katy Mae’s minor fragments. This is a post discovery Internal and external projection. Katy Mae isn’t impressed with what she sees or is experiencing. Katy Mae ended learning how to shoot a compound bow just as you saw in “Hunger Games”.

We became in every way possible exactly who we were echoing and no one knew it was happening. No one knew what was wrong with us because no one studies movies the way that we do. Unless you knew exactly what you were looking for, you’d never know we were in character.

We can use Kayleigh Marie’s fragment of “Jo” from “Twister” as an example of how she transformed herself into Jo as a fragment. She started chasing extremely dangerous storms (Even at night) putting us all into harm’s way but that wasn’t enough. She had to start studying weather sciences and how storms worked – The midwest is the perfect place to chase dangerous weather.

Kayleigh also had to emotionally feel, the way that Jo felt in order to express her own sadness and that’s visualized as a echo element from “Twister”. If you have been following our blog, than you know this projection/visualization, well.

Another perfect example of fragmentation; Imagine you and us at a restaurant. You order a tea. We order a “Coffee, coke, water”. Unless you had seen and memorized the movie “Groundhog Day” you would have no idea that MikeANP chose “Phil Conner” as a fragment to echo and represent him. That fragment is arrogant, snippy and hates other people (Echo state).

You’d have no idea you were talking and interacting with one of MikeANP’s representatives. In almost all of our social interactions, we are echoing (E/e(c)) movie lines and characters, continually. As stated above, it was easier and safer to be other people – We never grew out of this behavior because we didn’t know it was happening but we are attempting to change that. Slowly. We want to be ourselves, whatever that actually is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_eCxMwsSsg  

  If we echo lines from “Let’s Go To Prison” it means that we literally feel like prisoners (Echo State). This was a pre discovery echo (E).

And this is how we became proficient at so many different things. This is why we study all the things we do and it was born out of necessity, not conscious choice. We have studied everything from gardening, weather, to space sciences and everything in between. Most of all of our fragment’s professions became our affinities (Autism).

So that’s as simple as fragments are! Thank you for stopping by and reading more about our family.