Our DiD Journey

Embrace your insanity

The Roots Of Miscreant’s Alley.

Hello lovely readers. Thanks for stopping by when you could be elsewhere! (A->). Years ago, when we realized that we were living with DiD, there was no real outlet for all of us to have a voice, to introduce and speak each other. We had learned to effectively hide so well in one body and voice, there really wasn’t a way for all of us to speak – This was the birth of “Miscreant’s Alley” but it goes much deeper than that.

Originally, we also planned to use “Miscreant’s Alley” as a kind of “virtual diary” for a loved one who could track our progress of recovery. It became so fun/entertaining to us, we wrote and spoke with each other, multiple times a day: This was the perfect outlet for us. We could finally be ourselves, around well, ourselves!. One could call what we were doing “Crazy” but everyone is crazy, in their own ways. We simply began to embrace our crazy for what it was, not what we thought others wanted it to be.

We spent well over a year and a half developing the Alley into something really special, a “Safe” space if you will. It was a place where we could actually be ourselves around each other, for the first time in our lives. We quickly learned about each other in glowing and hilarious terms, not the historically negative ones we were made out to be and referred to as. We all have nicknames we have given to each other. There are plenty of times that others in the group will make MikeANP (Or any of us) chuckle and laugh, quite loudly at something someone has said or done.

  Slowly, we learned that the Alley wasn’t just a place for us all to hang out, it was almost like a group therapy session. More than that, even, it became a place for all of us to develop ourselves and our own individual personalities. Trauma and continual misdiagnosis for a couple of decades meant that none of us really had a chance to develop ourselves, as we saw fit. We were too sick, for far too long.

That’s the great thing about it; If you go to the Alley yourself, you will see how batshit crazy Kayleigh Marie really is. lol. Batshit crazy in a very good way – Kayleigh is much more of a caring and sensitive individual than one might think. You simply have to understand her – She’s been misunderstood for decades. You will find, in time, that each of us, have our own very unique personalities that work well together and sometimes, clash with each other.

We decided a few days ago that perhaps the best way for others to get to know us is for them to see us as we act, naturally; Crazy or not – This would be the best way to introduce ourselves to the rest of the world. The world and those that love(d) us only got to know really damaged fragments (-f+) of our personalities for too long. The decision was made to unlock “Miscreant’s Alley” and share it with everyone brave enough to enter it.

Make sure to check it out! There’s always something nutty going on there – We warn you, however, at some point, someone in there is going to say something you find offensive, if they haven’t already. Embrace it; Everyone needs to be offended from time to time.