Thank you so much, Mr. Matrix 3/33 (NEW Projections) (Puzzle) (System) (Sound) (AtB)

Mr. Matrix, a very long time ago, Katy Mae expressed her wonder at the fact that so much media has been made for our family….

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Not so private moments. (Sexual content warning) (Ce/g)

Let’s say MikeANP is using the little trannies room. Or, floggin’ the dolphin or whatever private moment you THINK we/I have, living with DiD. We…

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New family connection; Stephanie.

Hello lovely people. MikeANP was informed a few days ago about a special family connection between Stephanie and MikeANP. Who knew? Well, I didn’t know…

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Marksmen: A realization.

A-> Hello lovely souls. Thanks for swinging by when you could be elsewhere. After a huge amount of debate by a few of us, we…

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It’s the prednisone!!!

We have been constantly splitting (Exhausting) and are jacked up anxious. Turns out, it’s the prednisone!!! We wish our doctor would have told us about…

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#OurWar; Checkmate…

Dear disorder; Checkmate

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Recovery (E/e)

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Are you sitting down?

Groundhog Day; Total Fear.

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Exciting News – Continued; Stephanie!

Stephanie has crinkly red hair

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