Spoils Of #War; Saving others.

“One day, you will help a lot of other people with everything that you have survived”…  –Adoptive Father  

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Thank you so much, Mr. Matrix 3/33 (NEW Projections) (Puzzle) (System) (Sound) (AtB)

Mr. Matrix, a very long time ago, Katy Mae expressed her wonder at the fact that so much media has been made for our family….

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Spoils Of War: Rose

  “I think you are much more like Rose (Titanic)”.  –Case Manager (Pe-D)

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Returning from #War.

Welcome home, Kayleigh. We are so very proud of you.  Thank you for protecting us. Bring it home, sweetheart; We love you.

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The end is here; And oh how beautiful I know it will be.

Hello lovely readers! Jesus, there is so much going on right now. The last few days and nights have been without a doubt, the hardest…

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#SpoilsOfWar: Protection.

  “You are an important person and you need to be protected…”  -Loved one (Po-D)

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Katy’s touch. (E/p+)

 Katy Mae has this unique ability to heal/soothe others. She’s been doing it since she was a child. The last vestige of goodness that wasn’t…

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It’s still hard.

Written by: MikeANP Hello lovely souls. We hope your evening is going well. The Pretty Bug is co-engaged and listening to “Understanding” while I write. Like…

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Hello lovely readers. We promised you that we would finally write about Titanic and here are. Titanic almost killed us a few times (With at…

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DiD Changes you.

Hello lovely readers! Thank you for stopping by (A->) There are so many different things we want to write about today. We are pretty sure…

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