MikeANP: Pronouns.

You don’t have to respect our pronouns.

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MikeANP: Lost Minds

  You must lose your mind in order to find it.  –MikeANP

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MikeANP: The Herd. (Readers)

 Joining the herd means that you’ll eventually be butchered. –MikeANP

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MikeANP: Victim hood

  Victim hood is a comforting, conscious choice. –MikeANP

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Demons; MikeANP (Readers) (Motivation)

  There’s a reason you’re battling demons; You created them.  –MikeANP  

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True happiness; MikeANP

  True happiness is absolutely terrifying.  –MikeANP

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Offenses given. (C/eg=Kam,ANP) (Readers)

It’s entertainingly simple to provoke those who seek to be offended. MikeANP/Kayleigh Marie  

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MikeANP; Teachers.

  Abandon the teacher; Enlighten yourself. MikeANP  

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Loving you; The best weapon. (Readers) (System) (Motivation)

  Magic happens when you begin to love you again; You will joyfully and effortlessly discard those who no longer and perhaps, never, deserved the…

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Awesome comments by awesome people.

  “Before you can be honest with the world, you must become honest with yourself…”  –Anon  

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