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Going back in time: The Female System.

This, our lovely readers is going wayyyyy back in our history. Tonight, for some reason, this video once again popped up in our video feed. We first saw this video years ago; Recovery, for...



Hello lovely readers. We promised you that we would finally write about Titanic and here are. Titanic almost killed us a few times (With at least one aggressive suicide attempt). There is so much...


Meeting Kayleigh Marie.

  This is a “Fusion” video of the male system meeting Kayleigh Marie for the first time. Thank you, Mr. Matrix, for allowing this .gif to be rendered in high def. We know it’s...


DiD Changes you.

Hello lovely readers! Thank you for stopping by (A->) There are so many different things we want to write about today. We are pretty sure there is a dominant (-D+) split /S/ happening as...


There is a reason…(Danger close!) E/E

Tears of the sun: There are reasons.