Our DiD Journey


Tri Pi, Oksana!!!

HAHA. We have been mean to Oksana; Now we feel bad. Poor Oksana. Anyways, we found another puzzle in one of her videos. We’ll post links to that as well. Note too in the...


The realm’s exit.

  When we leave this realm for the next one, and meet our family meets each other again, I want this one to be the one we are reunified to. <3


Oh God, which one.

Now I’m in trouble. I don’t really know which image of Dad I really like more. This is a really, really tough one. Thank you again, Mr. Matrix. <3


Dissociative event! (System Note)

Last night, Katy Mae ended up perspective shifting during a car ride with a friend of ours – It was a dissociative event that was happening almost the moment she got into the car....


Hey Katie; Look at me!

This is a sound file which means you will have to visit our website to experience it. The Love Bug has been making a fair number of jokes at my (MikeANP) expense, sooooo, I...


Our family theory; Simulations.

I wanted to be the one to post this to Mr. Matrix. Because I’m proud of my family who I love very much. Since everyone is letting me type, I will type. Like my...