DiD and Dr. Phil

Ok folks, we gotta talk about the mainstream, Dr. Phil and DID. We have a woman who appears to be dissociated. Dr. Phil asks her a question in the dissociative state, over and over again. This woman truly looks like she is dissociating; Or the term we use is, “Getting Fuzzy”.

Dr. Phil hammering a dissociated woman.

So what’s it really like to be dissociated? How does one feel in this state of mind? Click “Continue Reading” to well, continue reading about dissociation!

The first thing I (MikeANP) can tell you is that being dissociated is terrifying. The first thing that goes is your memory, assuming there isn’t a dominance (D) issue happening. Lots of times, you can forget your name, what day it, what time it is, anything.

There are plenty of times when I have been dissociated that I don’t even really know which Earth my feet are planted on. It’s pretty much a catatonic state of mind in which even your internal dialogue(s) (I/d) may not exist. Nothing exists when one is dissociated, not even yourself.

Dissociation can happen at any time but is more likely to occur with stress (in our case). I have been interviewed on camera by the media before and just like you saw above – It can cause tremendous amounts of stress. Assuming the woman above isn’t lying about her condition or is an actress playing a part, the stress of being on camera in front of a hundred people, along with Dr. Phils question(s), seems to be forcing this woman into a dissociative state.

When I’m dissociated, even speaking is difficult. Imagine your brain and all it’s thoughts and emotions coming to a screeching halt. Imagine not knowing where to do, where to go or what to say, happening to you. There are times when I can’t remember my address, left from right up from down and so forth. Imagine forgetting how to speak properly, because it happens.

One of Katy Mae’s favorite songs. She plays it over and over and over again.

Imagine someone asking you a question and you don’t even hear the question someone is asking you, much less being able to answer it properly – It’s just noise. The way that you hear and experience sound is no longer operating anymore. It’s much more like a dream state.

When we are dissociated, many times we end up with “derealization”. You end up feeling like you aren’t in your own body anymore – As if you are witnessing yourself from a different visual vantage point (Up and to the right, for us). When we are derealized, the world’s colors can take on a brighter or a duller hue. It’s all quite scary.

Dissociative states are also opportunities for others in the system to freely socially interact with others (including the system). When we experience possessions (P), we sometimes end up dissociated from that event.

Dissociative events are just ask scary when you begin to regain executive control as the dissociation ends. It’s just exactly like waking up out of a dream. Fear and confusion of realizing you were dissociated is a big part of the experience. Also, it’s important to note that dissociative states can end up being physically taxing and exhausting, especially post dissociation.

Many times, one can be extremely embarrassed if a dissociative event happens around loved ones and friends. You can forget what you (or someone else in the system) was talking about during the disscociative event and what happened during during the dissociative event.

Dissociative events can wreak havoc in a employment situation.

Katy Mae saying hello in her crazy Katy Mae way. This is one of her physical echos (E/e(p))

For us, dissociative events can last for 30 seconds, two minutes or 4 hours – It all depends on the situation. Sometimes, we end up dissociated for no real reason at all. Like we said, it all depends on the situation. We, as a system dissociate all the time, many times during a day. Social situations, post discovery (DiD) have only made us more socially awkward which can force a dissociative event to happen.

That’s why the video of Dr. Phil has us so peeved. If this woman truly is dissociated, she can’t answer Dr. Phil’s question, much less hear/comprehend it. She doesn’t know where she’s at or whats happening. Dr. Phil keeps repeating the same questions including “You can remember the question”. That’s the whole point Doc, she can’t remember anything. She’s in lala land.

That’s what dissociation is really like. You heard it here first (Or somewhere else).

Thank you, lovely souls for reading more about dissociative events and our family. We love you all (A) – Keep being lovely, lovely readers – It’s what you do best!