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(System Notes) Addiction.

There is one reason why we know we are addicts. For new readers sorry to lay this on you all at once   I knew. We knew.   We always knew this was a...


Goddess Daphne; Who’s who?

Hello lovely readers! We hope your weekend is going well and you are rockin’ it! So tonight, I thought I would talk more about something that’s been bugging the SHIT out of a few...


Becoming “Ned Ryerson”.

Hello lovely souls. A loved one got to see us transform ourselves into the characters that we became for decades. When we echo, consciously with a loved one, in our world(s), it’s the most...


Late Nite Bloggin’; #OurWar

Late Nite Bloggin’.


Icewater and losing others – CastAway

What about logic?