Becoming Katy Mae.

Hello lovely readers. The last 72 hours has been exhausting. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. Everything. Katy Mae has been extremely dominant over the last 3 days….

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Going back in time: The Female System.

This, our lovely readers is going wayyyyy back in our history. Tonight, for some reason, this video once again popped up in our video feed….

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It’s still hard.

Written by: MikeANP Hello lovely souls. We hope your evening is going well. The Pretty Bug is co-engaged and listening to “Understanding” while I write. Like…

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Hello lovely readers. We promised you that we would finally write about Titanic and here are. Titanic almost killed us a few times (With at…

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Meeting Kayleigh Marie.

  This is a “Fusion” video of the male system meeting Kayleigh Marie for the first time. Thank you, Mr. Matrix, for allowing this .gif…

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