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The end is here; And oh how beautiful I know it will be.

Hello lovely readers! Jesus, there is so much going on right now. The last few days and nights have been without a doubt, the hardest days of my life. I’m fond of saying “Addiction...


What they never tell you…

Hello lovely souls. We are in a solid dispossession (DSP). There is something the mainstream depictions of DiD miss, by about 10 miles. You will hear “My alter did this, and said that –...



Hello lovely readers. We promised you that we would finally write about Titanic and here are. Titanic almost killed us a few times (With at least one aggressive suicide attempt). There is so much...


Marks’ rescue.

  Mark saved me, just as much as the rest of my family did. Mark doesn’t say much on our blog, at least, no publicly. Instead of writing a long winded blog post, I...


Becoming “Ned Ryerson”.

Hello lovely souls. A loved one got to see us transform ourselves into the characters that we became for decades. When we echo, consciously with a loved one, in our world(s), it’s the most...


Marksmen: A realization.

A-> Hello lovely souls. Thanks for swinging by when you could be elsewhere. After a huge amount of debate by a few of us, we have come to understand the importance of snipers in...


Late Nite Bloggin’; #OurWar

Late Nite Bloggin’.


#RecoveryDays suck; Addiction.

Recovery day; Addiction