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(System Notes) Addiction.

There is one reason why we know we are addicts. For new readers sorry to lay this on you all at once   I knew. We knew.   We always knew this was a...


Please don’t go. (New Readers) (Quickread)

This post is mainly for new readers (As we see to be having more visitors) – The one word you will hear in the mainstream associated with DiD is “Splitting”. Splitting is awful –...


The end is here; And oh how beautiful I know it will be.

Hello lovely readers! Jesus, there is so much going on right now. The last few days and nights have been without a doubt, the hardest days of my life. I’m fond of saying “Addiction...


It’s still hard.

Written by: MikeANP Hello lovely souls. We hope your evening is going well. The Pretty Bug is co-engaged and listening to “Understanding” while I write. Like I say, when you see Amy Lee (33), you’re...

There’s a story behind this lightcast… 0

There’s a story behind this lightcast…

There’s more to this lightcast than you might think; There’s a story behind it.


Late Nite Bloggin’; #OurWar

Late Nite Bloggin’.


#RecoveryDays suck; Addiction.

Recovery day; Addiction


There was a firefight!!!

There was a firefight!