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Just create the Marijuana market, already.

Panel discusses implications of fully regulated Vermont cannabis market BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Attorney General T.J. Donovan on Wednesday discussed some of the challenges of implementing a fully regulated cannabis market in Vermont.


The kidnapping; We talked. (Trigger warning)

Hello beautiful and lovely readers. Has anyone told you you’re lovely today? Yes, you! Tonight was the final straw. We saw something that upset a few of us. To make a long story short,...


Radical Face; Secrets (New Readers). (E/mv)

Katy Mae heard this (E/mv) and lost her mind a few months ago. This song is sung by a prediscovery (Pe D) band called “Radical Face”. This has a ton of awesome (TTm) shots...


(System Notes) Addiction.

There is one reason why we know we are addicts. For new readers sorry to lay this on you all at once   I knew. We knew.   We always knew this was a...


Please don’t go. (New Readers) (Quickread)

This post is mainly for new readers (As we see to be having more visitors) – The one word you will hear in the mainstream associated with DiD is “Splitting”. Splitting is awful –...


Goddess Daphne; Who’s who?

Hello lovely readers! We hope your weekend is going well and you are rockin’ it! So tonight, I thought I would talk more about something that’s been bugging the SHIT out of a few...