Author: MikeandKatyBug


Shameless Plug: The Smittens.

A new smittens song popped up in our feed today. Once again, “The Smittens” is impressive in that they both offend and entertain the ears at the same time. No small feat. Here’s a...


Picture time.

Being the visually disadvantage male that some of us are, we don’t post a lot of pictures. We go outside and we are reminded it’s not Halloween; We’ve heard it all – No need...


Is this “Stigma”, or something else?

There was a movie many moons ago that was called “Me, Myself and Irene” that drew a lot of ire because of the supposed stigmatization surrounding mental health issues. Personally this is one of...


Tri Pi, Macy Gray!!!

We love it when the Camera focus’s in on our puzzles; Look how deliberately this puzzle is presented. E= 5 F =6 6 6+6=(1)2 5-2=3/(1) = 3 + 3 Circles 3/3