What is a “Dispossession” (DSP) like?

Hello lovely readers. Thank you for stopping by when you could be anywhere else (A->). The overpowering energy that is Kayleigh Marie is finally starting to cool down. Silence – Bitter silence. While Kayleigh Marie was dominant (-D+), she reached out to loved ones, talked with the rest of the system and caused a pretty good amount of positive chaos.

Kayleigh Marie dispossessing. (Shutter Island) It’s always sad to see her go.

The crash from a possession, easily described, is like having a flu without the fever. There’s no more energy in the tank to draw from. Everyone in the system usually ends up pretty quiet after a particularly strong possession. It’s almost like everyone is just sitting back, quietly, in shock, when she finally (Or anyone) dispossesses. The wicked possessions are the ones that you cannot feel coming.

What makes possessions particularly interesting is the dissociative aspect of them. Many times, during a dispossession the memories of that event are a blur, like a colorful, out of focus water painting. Many times we will end up asking friends and loved ones what the hell happened during a possession. The reason being that the family member who was dominant holds those memories; And they are no longer dominant.

This is one of the reasons we started this blog; To track and monitor each other during possessions and dispossessions.

Dispossessions, like in this case, can last for days. We will usually end up in bed resting for a day or two. There can be a lot of crying and depression during the crash – This is what makes our particular case so interesting. A crash from a possession can very easily appear as a manic, Bi-Polar episode.

There is a general malaise feeling – Blah mode, that can also last for a few days.

The easiest way to physically describe a dispossession is that a manic ghost is slowly leaving the body. It’s the weirdest feeling in the world. This process can also take days. This feeling goes down to your very bones. You can feel that dispossession in your muscles and your skin.

There can be so much noise, energy and frenzy, so much sensory overload during a possession that we need absolute silence during the dispossession; We have gone so far as to put in earplugs to block noise – We just cannot deal with anymore noise during the dispossession phase. We generally try to stay away from people during a dispossession. Repossessions can occur, which is the last thing you want.

Many times, we will end up derealized during this process. We aren’t in our own body anymore. Colors end up taking a different hue and we process auditory information in a completely different way.

Does this make sense to you lovely readers out there? We hope so. Thank you for stopping by! ?