Math dreaming; It’s getting scary. (All #Visitors) (#DivergentCall)

Lately we have been having crazy, crazy dreams. Kayleigh Marie and others are crunching numbers and language in our dreams. It’s odd because the rest of us, while sleeping can actually see what the rest of us are doing. It’s getting rather scary and very unsettling.

Last night, again, someone was doing some hardcore math – Trying to resolve distance in a reality where distance doesn’t exist as humans perceive it. This is exactly what we saw, along with other images and numbers.

This is getting incredibly scary for us, for a few reasons. If you are #Divergent, please let our family know what you make of this design.

Author: MikeandKatyBug

2 thoughts on “Math dreaming; It’s getting scary. (All #Visitors) (#DivergentCall)

    1. What we find interesting is that we are drawing a shape that you too, have drawn; If this design hits you at some point, let us know.

      You are hero’s , Jus N’ family, don’t forget that even if you don’t believe it.

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