#Divergent discovers crash; #Divergent #Milestone. (#Divergent)

A #Divergent wasn’t feeling very well over the last few days; We of course reached out to make sure they were okay. They were describing feelings of being exhausted – Not being able to even get out of bed but they were afraid something was going terribly wrong.

We listened and it made total sense; What this #Divergent was experiencing sounds exactly like a crash. When we explained that a crash feels like a Flu without the fever, it all made sense for them. This #Divergent reported their family members have seen this kind of thing with them before.

  Textbook crash.

  What makes us feel so fucking good is that we can help the #Divergent understand these very complex emotional/physical states. This is what makes us truly, truly happy and proud of our ordered progress. Service to others. What we were explaining made total sense to the #Divergent in question. We used the Lucy 100 percent echo and that rang true.

What’s even better, this #Divergent has reached a new #Milestone – They now understand these crashes are a normal part of living with a complex diagnosis like DiD, C-PTSD, Autism, and can react accordingly.

  We are incredibly proud of this #Divergent/ #Milestone achieved. Well fuckin’ done.

Hang in there, crashes only last a few days at best.

Author: MikeandKatyBug

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