Did Mr.Matrix take a quote from Princess Elizabeth? (#Divergent)

This scene to our family stood out when we first saw it and we didn’t know why; Makes PERFECT sense now. This is the Battle of Agincourt – King Henry the 5th took the field that day, defeating the French. That battle sealed his legacy as one of the finest military commanders in English history.

“Beware Knights in Shining Armor; They have never seen battle“.  –Princess Elizabeth (GateKeeper)
Note the red flag behind the Prince.

 In the end, the French Prince, while having beautiful, shining Armor, learns that he cannot fight in that armor – It’s too heavy and the field too muddy; Something that he should have known but his pride is what got him in the end. – King Henry’s troops end up killing him.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Matrix has taken, and employed our family’s ideas, writings, art and postulates – We catch it doing that all the time; We will let the #Divergent be the judges of this.


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