Bar Refaeli responds to the #Miscreants; Nice bag. (All #Visitors)

HA! Bar Refaeli responds to us. VERY NICE (Borat)!!!. Note the 33 on the wooden chair and the 13 on the bag. We get it. Very smooth. Glad you agree with us. Bar knows Kayleigh’s tastes and how to get her specific attention, when it comes to photography, like the above.

It is pretty cool to have the attention of #Bar herself. There are benefits, being a #Miscreant. This would be a BIG ONE. WOOOOOOOO. Jeeeesus God, some women are just too fucking beautiful.

  This other picture, well, that’s for us.

Bar Refaeli – Maxim Magazine (September 2012) | Bar refaeli, Supermodels, Maxim magazine

Author: MikeandKatyBug

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