Milestone Achieved: “Insects”. (All #Visitors) (#Miscreants) (#Milestone)

We know what “Insects” actually are – This one bothered us for a long time. We’ll make this one short; Our family’s standard. 30 seconds.

“Insects” are nothing more than advanced biochemical remote control drones; This is why insects have hair and antennae; They are receiving both data and power (As the “Aether” is holding at least .25 Farads of electric charge (Or potential that can also carry data Ie;Wifi) from the Aether (Air) itself.

This explains too much. Anytime you see (or control) an RC airplane or RC Car, you’re looking (And interacting) with an insect of lesser order- Both doing the same thing, performing a task, wirelessly.

  Have you ever wondered HOW spiders instinctively know how to build ornate, beautiful webs with no formal training from parent spiders? Spider’s don’t have brains. Make’s total sense, however, if they are being fed a wireless signal that is carrying data, giving them (And all insects) commands.

  GOODNIGHT!! #AllHailTheMiscreants #KayleighMarie #TheBlackWidow #MilestoneAchieved


Author: MikeandKatyBug

3 thoughts on “Milestone Achieved: “Insects”. (All #Visitors) (#Miscreants) (#Milestone)

  1. Ugh we hate insects. Afraid of them. Cockroaches are the worst. We have a phobia and they are huge and can fly. They are one of the most hardy insects, its disgusting

    1. We think, based on evidence we have, they are just biochemical robots performing a task. That’s it.

      Perhaps if you tackle insects from this point of view, it may provide you some relief. Our family think’s your family is cute as a button.


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