Happy Father’s day, #Michael. (#Michael)

I remember the day; The glass. “What the FUCK are you doing”. That was the day we turned towards you in Katy’s Md500. I do believe the world is learning something about “Love” by watching you. You love your entire family in a way that isn’t…..Common. You saved all of us, in your maniacal genius.

You daughter couldn’t be prouder of you. No of us could possibly be prouder. Your daughter loves you – Your family loves you; I love you.

You are successful, in that case, and as Van Alden stated clearly, “No successful man is stupid“.

You’re making good on your promises to your family and your loved ones under incredible circumstances with sweat, blood and sacrifice.

Happy Father’s day; I told you, You’d show them how to do it; Anything worth doing is worth doing right – You wanted it done, there was only one creature that could get it done. You.

You pulled it off – You son of a bitch. Stay your course – You’re going to make the entire world proud – It is a mathematical certainty at this point.

Kayleigh Ann Marie.

Author: MikeandKatyBug

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