Flipped out the N Word; Boy was I pissed.

MikeANP flipped the fuck out tonight; I mean, WHIGGED. We talked to an adoptive family member. Things got heated, quick. An argument started. We were being as patient as humanly possible…finally, we snapped -#Kayleigh was already engaged and MikeANP took over after someone in our adoptive family started the interrogation routine over something incredibly intimate for our family:

Things got a bit too real. Sometimes you gotta be real to control a situation; Sometimes you have to be realer.

  “All I have ever felt like, my whole life, in our family is the worthless nigger!” Just a nigger that couldn’t do anything right!!” The female system’s first reaction was that followed by that:

More racial words and expletives were tossed in for good measure. As a family of color, we use racial words rather often – For of course, good intentions and humor, not bad. As many times as we have been called “Niggers” we have the right to us it.

This fight should have been had decades ago. There was some shit said that I would have said when MikeANP and Kayleigh were 6 years old. There were things that should have been worked on, decades ago. That never happened. Some in my adoptive family tonight got a teensy teensy taste of that fury that we were never able to express.

What I didn’t tell them tonight, is that a little girl that they abused, tortured and frightened to the point of hiding in closets actually saved their fucking lives. MikeANP also told this family member, his life (Up until Recovery/Discovery) was spent trying to impress them. All I have ever wanted was for my adoptive family to be proud of my accomplishments. Now that I have MY family back, things have changed; I won’t allow ANYONE to try and attempt what take what my family has earned through incredible sacrifice, for the good of ALL.

The end of that conversation was good; This adoptive family member agreed our intelligence is terrifying (And for this person, always was), which is mostly what sparked this entire fight – Misunderstanding and fear of what we naturally are. The story of our lives. People react badly to us because of this reason and we react badly to others in turn, for this very same reason.

  “You’re too smart for your own good” –Everyone (Including this same person, tonight).

  We told someone not too long ago that our intelligence, is a fucking curse at times (Many times). An absolute curse – This is case evidence in support of.


 And I will add DaD*, look at the person you have become. That’s me. I love you. Thank you. <3 <3 <3

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