“Your standard”; Thoughts. (#BlackWidow)

A loved one today said something we haven’t heard before; Ever. This loved one said:

“You hold yourself to your own standard”; The inference being that our family hold’s ourselves to the highest standard possible; Our standard. Which, is attempted perfection in everything we do. It was a heartwarming comment that our family will always remember.

People are slowing beginning to understand that we demand the best from ourselves; There are no such things as “Excuses” (That’s a feeling word) in our family, only explanations. If MikeANP fucks up, you had better believe my ass is shredded, thoroughly sometimes, by multiple members of our family. Apologies aren’t worth anything in our family.


  Our family’s language is a reflection of our standard and I am PROUD of the achievements my family has made, many of them, first’s for humankind. Although we expect no fan fair, no medals, no pay commensurate to our family’s accomplishments and sacrifices, we finally are speaking proudly, in the only language we should have ever been speaking – To the highest standard, possible.

Finally, other’s (MikeANP included) are beginning to see that drive, that true motivation is the real “Us” and always will be, this world, or ours (Whenever we get back to it).

Author: MikeandKatyBug

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