The sheer power of our family’s language; First’s for mankind.


Our language, the one we have been waiting 4 decades to develop our family believes, creates a few new world language records;

  Our language is interchangeable with other languages (Primarily English)

Our language can be written more than one way and in more than one direction(s) at any given point. A person can decide for themselves if they
would like to write left to right, right to left, offset left or offset right or a central post design (or a combination of all). An author can also decide the length of a sentence or statement he or she would like to write. This forces (By intentional design) the author to really put thought and effort into their sentence structures to make them efficient as possible. We have dubbed this visual and linguistic effect “Linguistic Focus”.


Our language is the first human language, in human history, to hold perfect visual symmetry, which leads to it’s incredibly beauty. People
have reported that our language actually provides them joy and happiness simply by looking at it; This is the greatest compliment
our family could ever, possibly receive.


  Destroying the entire world wasn’t enough; Now, we have to build again. That’s what our language is. The gift, the tear that fell from Goddess Daphne’s eye when she visited her realm, is our language. This will be the language, of the new world that is to come. That was our mission, all along. To study humanity (including humans), strip it and them, into shreds to build anew.

And THAT is a beautiful mission.


Author: MikeandKatyBug

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