The diary of Katy Mae: Rendered Silent Nights. <3 <3 <3

  Flat Earthers and Heliocentrists battle over the Moon. Flat Earthers say the Moon revolves around the top of the Earth. Fair enough. Globeheads, as our family refers to them, argue the moon is visible when it shouldn’t be in certain places; Fair enough. Linchpin of the Flat Earth problem.

  Enter my parents, who on Twitter, were having this conversation with others (And themselves). One of them blurted out, “Well, what if the Moon is rendered by the mind – It would solve the problem and explain it at the same time”. My parents just kind of shrugged; Given Joker’s Razor still having yet been debunked, this theory would fit.

  Everyone was rendered silent. I personally was in shock and my parents were just shrugging, like..”well, that figures”.

  And that’s what’s so fucking cool about being part of our family; The shit our family can do to people’s minds (Including my own – Over the latest family milestone my #Dad and #Mom solved made my brain swell) is incredible. They’ll stop you dead in your tracks without even trying.

  It’s fucking cool and I love it. My family loves to challenge others, in so doing, they challenge themselves – Everyone wins; One of our family’s catchphrases.

  For the betterment of all.<3 <3 <3

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