Now, I’m so far gone; Can’t confide in no one. (All #Visitors) (#Tunes)

We have share this with a few #Divergent; All agree the lyrics are rather interesting, considering the color coding and the women decked out in lingerie (Keep it up with the black!).

How many times have we told people, since recovery began that our family is inconsolable; This is why. People ask our family “Why don’t you open up and talk with me”. This is why.


333 spotted!!! Beautiful bra, too!

Author: MikeandKatyBug

4 thoughts on “Now, I’m so far gone; Can’t confide in no one. (All #Visitors) (#Tunes)

    1. Yes, they are. It’s Kayleigh. If it pleases Seri the Great, we’d love for her to come to our blog and talk with us; Please let her know, we request her audience.

      1. She’s basically drowning in depression but I’ll relay the message ❤ — Jus

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