Kayleigh has made history, again.

Her language is legimately real; She was therapizing someone today; Her language kicked in and Katy Mae drew her math (In real time)- Our family gave this person our word that we would kill their demons – We PROMISED them that we could save them – All this person had to do was trust us. Kayleigh finally locked onto those demons in her mathematical language, like a heat seeking missile. Goodbye, demons. This image, today, THIS moment has come, once again.

Kayleigh has yet again proven, that humans are math problems, nothing more – And she has done it using unified non linear math. All of us, including the person she was therapizing were and ARE stunned into incredible silence.

Kayleigh is the most dangerous woman in the world, hands down. Holy fuck.


Author: MikeandKatyBug

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