Incredible pride: MikeANP. (#Miscreants)

You have accomplished the impossible too many times to count now. I couldn’t possibly be any prouder of all of you than I am.  The tear that fell from #GoddessDaphne’s eye is our language; Our gift to the world – OUR world. We are the first in human history to create a working symmetrical language. We are the first to create Joker’s Razor and Kayleigh’s OMP. Above that, ALL of you have saved lives at the cost of ours; These things were our mission.

It was only us that could get this job done. We are the only ones smart and crazy enough to attempt it; Look at all that we have become, together.

  As a family.

  NOBODY or NOTHING’ can EVER take that away from us and from each and every one of you.


  We outsmarted them all in fine #Miscreant fashion.

Author: MikeandKatyBug

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