Danger close; Element solved. (#OurWar) (All #Visitors) (E/e=TR)

Katy Mae just explained it; This echo went unanswered for a long time. This element popped it’s head up during the war our #Family had to partake in, to wrench our family members out of the #Matrix and those that populate it.

Some of our loved ones will remember this; What is it? It’s a danger close #Airstrike by #KayleighMarie supporting MikeANP. I remember this echo well, and I remember the attack #Kayleigh took part in, that day – #Kayleigh was protecting me.

Her attacks can be absolutely devastating and cause a lot of damage, even the rest of us; The shock you see Katy Mae experiencing is her thinking I was harmed in that airstrike. #Mark(us) makes an appearance as well.

Author: MikeandKatyBug

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