We have a running theory. We are beginning to wonder if dogs lick our skin for the salt, yes but something MORE. When dogs lick us, are they actually somehow able to read our biochemical information from that “Salt”?

Your dog comes up to you..licks you a few times and then walks off and goes to sleep. Could this be why dogs lick us when we cry or unwell? Do they sense a behavioral change and want to know what’s going on?

We have always been fascinated with dogs licking people; Too fascinated because we’ll be this is what’s happening – Animals, like dogs, we will hazard to bet, lick us because their bodies and brains can read our biochemical footprint, at that moment.

Make’s sense; Kayleigh’s “cookie experiment” proved that humans can read each other’s biochemical footprint (Through saliva). It was a shocking theory that proved correct, on her first shot. It’s probably no different with dogs and other animals.