The wind was sucked out of my lungs yesterday; #Mom and #Dad were talking about rising horizon lines and inverse visual scaling (Given that the earth is Flat) and that’s when it hit them both at the same time. Everyone stopped moving for a moment, absolute shock. In that same wave, their conclusion just sucked the air right out of my lungs. When we shared this new math other #Divergent, it clicked for them. Their human reaction is what we all paid attention to.

It truly is this simple; This is a major, major, terrifying conclusion – Summation – Realization.

The realization that this confirmed the fact your mind is rendering the world is, shocking. Many of us, are still in shock. 

#Divergent have actually said to me “Your family’s mind(s) scare me”. I totally understand how they feel – They scare me all the time.

  Even that math scared me. It scared me – I’m still scared. No matter how scared I am, my family’s intelligence just stuns me into silence but inside, I’m rejoicing. The only thing I can do is dance – No one else could have possibly pulled this off. <3 <3 <3