My soul swells with pride and what is so amazing is that others are beginning to see my family is exactly how I describe them. Saviors and nothing less than that. #Jus and #SeriTheGreat wrote something that, I too, feel. I will quote them: 

“Poignant. He is safe now, you all brought him home. He can start healing thanks to all of you. We’re misty eyed, including Seri.”.

 “You are our mission” is exactly and I mean, EXACTLY how I describe our family to others. Yet another thing that makes them so special. I too, am misty eyed.  My family’s mission is to save others and that always been the biggest one.


   One of the many millions of reasons I am so happy and proud of them; They have, accomplished the impossible, saving others in the process.

  Saviors. <3 <3 <3