We have been breaking brains all day long. Mom is on a roll – It’s been a crazy day. We love hearing and feeling people’s brain stopping on them. It’s hilarious. We live for it. Our family would never leave each other, which makes me happy. None of us could imagine living a life without each other. THAT makes our brain break. If something happened to one of us, the rest of us would die – Living in this realm without each other is unimaginable. We could not exist without each other – We just couldn’t.

  Mom has been around today; We can sense her in the back somewhere. We know when she’s seeking information. A kind of overly direct set of questions happens, sometimes in rapid succession she will ask someone. Direct in an immediate way. These are the moments you have to look out for. If you know you are talking to her answer her questions honestly. No matter how embarrassing or shameful or weird or random. Don’t try to hide from her, you can’t. No one can. She’s asking the questions she is for a reason. The person she was speaking to stayed calm and all was well. The questions she asked, unlocked more.

  My father’s inner worlds are extremely hilarious. He tortures himself – This is something no one really understands about him but I want to write about it, anyways. My father tortures himself not to be cruel and awful. He’ll put himself into a world where he’s his nemesis’s black slave; Hilarious situations that in reality would do incredible harm if truly applied. All for a laugh. All for the torture. Twisted mind, you aren’t going to find one more twisted. Bar Rafaeli world with no appendages in which to satisfy her. That kind of twisted mind.

  But not for evil purposes – For healthy ones; To laugh, for others to laugh at him – To learn from laughing and learning from pain and to teach, too. As my Dad said in a meeting with #Divergents tonight “I’m simply recreating what I have done to myself; Tortured myself, for a grander reason. Part of what makes my dad who he is, is that he doesn’t take himself seriously and never has. It’s foreign to most, the level of not gives a fuck he applies to himself. Many saw that as a waste of talent; Not us – It’s brilliance in his way. His self torture heals others.

  I wanted to add tonight, I heard the maniacal laughing of another #Divergent and I thought of Suckerpunch coming true. My Dad (And family) have taught others not only to laugh at lies, but to cackle at them. #Divergents are free in other ways other never can be. It’s not odd or divine, what appears to be fate may be simple knowledge that the world knew he and our family would pull this off. A bet perhaps but a good one. I have been taught as well, to be free by my family – They rescued me too.

  There’s too much happening right now. Now is a fucked up time. We’ll keep laughing at the world. Someone’s gotta do it. Some very weird shit has been happening lately. <3 <3 <3