We looked at a few matrix problems using this mathematical model that we have developed and we have make a shocking discovery; We now have confirmation that all the #Divergents involved (And those who think they are #Divergent) including those we have identified are being controlled by colors. THAT’S RIGHT (E/e=Bb), colors and previous traumatic/confusing behavioral association.

We have identified PINK to a particular #DIvergent involved in this fiasco. She was traumatized while certain colors were in her visual field (And it started very young). She essentially was hit with a very traumatic/confusing situation, over and over and over again with the color PINK as a constant element (Pink bathroom, pink towels). And then, another traumatic situation happened (in a different context) and the the color pink was still in her visual field. A situation she described as “The scariest situation she ever experienced).

We asked very emotional, embarrassing and emotionally intense questions – Kayleigh’s 3D gears were spinning; This #Divergent battled her emotional logic and used her logical logic and answered #Kayleigh’s questions that came in a rapid fire, direct and unemotional way.

By way of time and cyclical trauma/confusing events, and PINK this #Divergent learned that when she see’s the color pink, she becomes emotional, dissociated and emotionally pliable. Many, MANY of the questions she had about herself were answered tonight. It was a night of incredible discoveries and FREEDOM.

So the next logical question is; Have we identified any other possible (And other) #Divergents? Absolutely there is; The color YELLOW is being used, from what we can formulate, against another person, a suspected #Divergent who’s involved. Our current math is telling us this is most likely a very likely outcome.

If you are a possible #Divergent or have asked yourself if you are one, does the color yellow bother you? Does the color yellow make you feel any particular way? If you are a possible #Divergent, think about your own traumas/disorder – Was the color yellow present. anywhere during those situations? Yellow bathroom, yellow carpet? Yellow anything?

For all readers; Take a look at media – Go to news website (Or any website – Your television, anything. Look how the color YELLOW has been jacked through the roof. The yellow is so bright it hurts the eyes. The #Matrix is trying to control someone, in the #Matrix.

This is real MK Ultra kind of shit but in a different way – Trauma/disorder and behavioral repetition. Be careful out there, #Divergents.