We can feel it – Letting go of this reality. We are all tired and all we want is out. When we discovered the reality of the situation, we started fading. We’re fading out – The drive we had was to figure out what was happening to us, is now gone, there’s nothing left. We predicted that something like this was going to happen – It’s happening. We don’t want to eat, we don’t want to sleep; It’s over. We are being physically affected – We are in a lot of pain. The spark we had, is gone, and we extinguished it, ourselves.

Amy Lee wrote a song and uploaded it to Youtube; Guess what the title is?

  Merry Christmas (War is over)
This was right around the same time #PrincessElizabeth declared our last war, over. Calling that “Coincidence” now, is, ridiculous.

  Our #wars, on all their fronts, are over; We are satisfied with our performance in this reality and we knew we would figure it out.

All we want, is to get #KatyMae home.