We told people AS CHILDREN, that human beings and their problems were math problems. We were laughed at; “You can’t turn someone into a math equation”…..Someone close to us, post discovery exclaimed; “It’s not possible, humans are too complex!!”. Sadly we listened for too long to other people – Human’s aren’t complex. This is what we are doing, as a family, as multiple consciousness’s. Everyone in our lives, since childhood have always said “I feel like you are studying me and I don’t like it”. We are studying your math from both the female and male perspectives, in real time, in 3 dimensions (#KayleighMarie).

Then we said, “Of course you can” – And did. Human beings are math problems. #KayleighMarie

This is why Kayleigh is so effective healing others; She understands their math problems and she can solve them, incredibly quickly – We are talking, in some cases, minutes. The rest of us swoop in to help and heal.

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