Hello lovely people. The #Wrench was taken aback – To the point of silence. By the shape of her voice we knew she was reacting to something. “You sound……..different”; When you hear someone with true DiD speak as another individual, it’s spooky, and disarming and sometimes, scary. Our family understands. The #Wrench described the voice she experienced as “Smooth”. A lady in our family. The #Wrench was experiencing something very special.

Someone who sounded differently than MikeANP, spoke differently than MikeANP, thought differently than MikeANP, acts completely differently to MikeANP, it’s very disarming. You are experiencing a whole new individual (Sometimes instantly) and it takes time to get used to that behavioral adjustment both parties have to make. You shouldn’t speak to Katy Mae in the same manner you do with Kayleigh Marie and vice versa x10.

┬áIn this particular conversation, MikeANP and the F/s had a conversation while speaking with the #Wrench – That’s an exciting recovery evolution.