Man – There are some really super smart people out there. Makes MikeANP feel dumber than ever. A doctor and I were talking today about the withdrawal from Seroquel we have. We explained to him how we end up dopesick if we stop taking it – It feels like we are actually coming down off of heroin. The Doctor, got very quiet for a moment. We were studying his voice he said “I’ve never heard that of that before”.

The Doctor explained that Seroquel affects Dopamine(Bingo Motherfucker) and Serotonin levels in the brain. BOOM. We nailed it; We could tell his reaction of surprised impression.

Seroquel, literally makes us (And maybe you) dopesick. Dopamine is a drug that’s created by the brain. The PILL is commanding the brain to release addictive drugs into the mind and body.  If you immediately stop taking Seroquel, the DRUG your brain and body is craving isn’t there anymore – You are literally and we mean LITERALLY going through DRUG withdrawal.

We got you, motherfucker (Not the Doc)- This is why addiction and recovery from it is so FUCKING TRICKY. Addiction lies in almost anything, even something that is supposed to be helping us – There is a hidden cost. Recurrent, invisible drug addiction.

  Time to celebrate another win for the #Miscreants.

What good is quitting smoking if you’re still a drug addict?

Our family’s standard of 30 seconds stands!