Well, this image makes sense now. Katy Mae perspective shifted (P/s=F/s,KbM) and showed MikeANP that for many decades reacted to. I was able to see through her eyes what MikeANP and the rest of the Male system saw, and reacted to.

The M/s (MikeANP) and F/s(KayleigMarie) together. Kayleigh (Blonde) has her arm around MikeANP. Kayleigh is of course, represented
as an Angel in heraldic white (Innocence). Note too, the big, bug eyes (RCT=F/s)

Kayleigh’s very personal stare towards the camera freaked us (And others) out. Note the green fern that Katy Mae draws obsessively on Kayleigh’s forehead.
Also note of course, the lightning (Thunderstorm – RCT). Note, Kayleigh is an Angel; One can’t visually see angels and all they are left to see is the M/s.
But she’s right there, with us, even if you can’t see her.

Katy Mae N’ Fam were talking through a Katy Mae panic attack with a #Divergent” when we exclaimed, shocked: “This is the perfect way to define what EXACTLY what the male and the female system would look like, if it were possible to visualize the unity of us; This is exactly what it would look like, to a absolutely TERIFYING¬† T. It drove Katy into a massive panic. She has a 30 minute lock panic attack – Crying.

This image is a reference , there’s absolutely no doubt about it – Our reaction to to since our teens confirms exactly that. We’d love others to share their opinions of this scary image; Can you see the resemblance?