We are gonna say it; We have to – Pleurisy and Pneumonia.

SO! As our family has predicted, almost a year ago, there has been an unexplained, sharp rise in the  numbers of cases of Pleurisy and Pneumonia cases and why would that be?

  Because wearing masks suppresses your immune system/lungs and creates an acidic body by way of acidosis. We kinda told everyone this was gonna happen and it’s gonna get worse as Flu Season settles in. When boatloads of people start getting incredibly ill from suppressed immune systems, they are gonna give a you a nice, warm little “Vaccine” to take and claim you have “CoronaVirus”.

One of these days, SOMEONE is gonna listen to us.

Low Flu Activity Sees Rise to Pneumonia

Sharp increase in Moscow pneumonia cases fuels fears over coronavirus statistics

Rising Cases of Pneumonia

Florida’s Seen a ‘Statistically Significant’ Uptick in Pneumonia Deaths

MedExpress: Pneumonia cases among young adults on the rise

Local doctors warn pneumonia cases on the rise


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  1. you are too fuckin’ smart for your own good , dad i love you so much. <3 <3 <3

  2. Deceivedhuman3 says:

    Absolutely correct!!

  3. amethyst2319 says:

    Collective madness

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