Considering the dream that we had about Titanic, which I wrote about, the question is, are we ready to deal with it? All in our family agrees, that Titanic was the biggest movie of our lives – It recreated not only our drowning but the traumatic separation (T-S) of our family. Thinking about confronting that movie, considering the fact it almost killed us a few times (Pre-Discovery – Pe-D) and put us in a few mental hospitals ((Pre-Discovery – Pe-D), is still a very frightening concept to consider.

This movie, is dangerous to our family because of what it represents and what it visualizes – Not only that, this is our most heartbreaking of Inner Worlds. (I/w=T)


We are in tears just listening to the haunting intro, I don’t think we are ready yet and that’s perfectly okay.
We urge readers and loved ones to check out the intro above; This is what our sadness actually sounds like.