The enemy within; Embrace him (Or her). (#Members) (#Visitors) (#Divergents)

People say “Don’t listen to the negative voices in your head”. It’s a common theory. Fuck that – Nothing will be resolved. Our negative voices we squelch, are there to save our lives.

The negative voices in my own head were telling me “You’re such a slimebag piece of shit”. I was told to bury those voices. The moment things got better when I finally said to that voice “Maybe, you are right“. Before I quit drinking, I had to accept the fact that I was a fall down, slimebag drunk/addict. Ignoring that voice  that was reminding me of this fact, wasn’t helping. For a while, I simply had to accept my slimebag, drunken addict antics and embrace them as slimebag, drunken antics and nothing more – No excuses.

“You are a fucking failure, you piece of shit” – Yep, my negative voices are incredibly hard on me, to this day and many of them, in the end, have valid points.

Others in our lives, bless their hearts would say “You’re being far too hard on yourself, stop it”. I had to accept the fact those negative voices were right -It wasn’t even being “hard on myself” necessarily, it was accepting their opinions.

Once I accepted those drunken, slimebag antics and acted exactly what I was being accused of, I didn’t like them. I had to accept and embrace those negative voices as reality for a while in order to recognize it.

  Consider the idea that perhaps, your negative voices may have valid points; Consider the idea that your negative voices are correct – Consider accepting and allow those negative voices to direct you for a while. Perhaps, you need to be exactly what they accuse you of and embrace it. They are there for a reason, in the end, to save you – even though it doesn’t feel that way.

  Kayleigh’s Paradox in action.

“Holiness is way beyond being good. Good people aren’t necessarily holy people A “holy person” is one who is whole – Who has, as it were, reconciled his opposites. And so, there’s always something slightly scary about holy people.”

“And other people react to them in very strange ways; They can’t make up their minds whether they are saints or devils.” “And so, “holy people” have throughout history, always created a great deal of trouble, along with their creative results…..” –Alan Watts



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