#Insult of the #Year goes to….(Lols) (#Members) (#Divergents) (#Visitors)

  Kayleigh Marie! Kayleigh, when she gets really pissed, she has a way of slicing with razors; We have never heard her insult more than one person in the same sentence so viciously, before. All of us, admittedly, are still laughing. She’s won the #Miscreant #Insult of the #Year!

  We were speaking with someone who the Matrix is forcing us to be around and this song was spliced into our feed while this conversation was happening;  This music video is important for a few reasons…. The song is called “Get back up”.

  “You can’t let nobody stand in your way, you have to just get back up and take down everything you cannot change, now, you just have to get back up”….

Author: MikeandKatyBug

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