Holy crap moment: “Illuminati” in our midst. (#Divergents) (#Members) (#Visitors)

A #Divergent recently was involved in a family member’s marriage to another possible #Divergent. As we know now, #Divergents are protected individuals. Entire families are tasked with protecting #Divergents. These protective families are not allowed to intervene in #Divergent antics – #Divergents must wake themselves up; No intervention, whatsoever.

  Whatever crazy, hare brained, trauma bonded schemes #Divergents get themselves into, they are not allowed to be shown the truth of themselves and the realm they inhabit. The question becomes, can a #Divergent recover from the damage and traumas that the Realm has heaped upon them – That’s the whole point of the game.

  The #Divergent showed us pictures of the possible #Divergent’s wedding and something immediately stood out to us. This same #Divergent noticed too, something very odd – Someone in the wedding party had his hands gestured in a very odd way. We tried this gesture ourselves and it’s very uncomfortable and takes practice to achieve.

“Conspiracy Theorists” claim that the “Illuminati” use hand gestures to communicate with each other – There is some truth in this but we consider the information we have about these gestures and what they mean, suspect (Disinformation). That being said, the 1 percent truth of what you are seeing below is that it’s a specific Masonic Hand Gesture. This same person threw down this same very odd hand gesture in multiple photos.

This Masonic gesture is known as the “Diamond”

    The Diamond, according to “Truthers” about this very particular hand gesture is the following:

  This is only getting crazier and crazier (And even more exciting). The possible #Divergent in question, that got married, is a protected individual and her family, based on what we are seeing, knows exactly who this person is. (Even though she doesn’t). #Divergents, as well, are keeping their tabs on this protentional #Divergent. Holy crap, the “Illuminati” is in our midst.

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