Confronting Cady amidst the storm; Cowardice.

There is something that we knew about Max Cady, a major fragment (-f+), even as children. As we confront these movies, amidst our own personal hell happening as we speak, we realized something again, just as we quietly did as children. We have finally finished “Cape Fear”. The credits are rolling.

  Max Cady is a weak, whining, childish, coward.

  As part of our recovery, we are beginning to confront these movies that became our inner worlds (I/w), our realities – In hopes that deconstructing them will provide us release from our own trauma(s) and the nightmares that ended our existence in this realm. This is a theory we have been holding for a few years and the time, we believe, is now.

Perhaps, if we destroy these negative and destructive inner worlds (I/w), we won’t need them anymore and their associated fragments will no longer exist the way they have, in our lives, for so long.

  “Tearing apart the character of Max Cady, is tearing ourselves apart…” –MikeANP

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  1. Deceivedhuman3 says:


  2. skinnyhobbit says:

    I’m thinking the fear you all were in… the shadow sides… maybe it all has to go somewhere. There is no courage without fear.

  3. skinnyhobbit says:

    It could be me projecting though. I remember being terrified as a child and as an adult, I feel so ashamed

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