By the time we were directed to see this movie, Cape Fear, the male system (M/s) lost the female system (F/s). However, there was still an internal dialogue (I/d=,KaM,M/s) happening with both our male and female system –  The female system desperately trying to reach the Male system to prevent any further harm from taking place but it was far too late for that. Just like the male system, the female system suffered just as much trauma as the male system – That is what you are seeing and hearing below. The female system saying “I understand if no one else can – We have suffered it all, together”. Note, Kayleigh Marie is restrained (Cuffed) and cannot get free.

  Had the male system be able to hear the female system in this capacity, tragedy could have been avoided.

This Echo Element (E/e=Cf) has sound.