Hello lovely readers – Things are incredibly fucked up for us right now. We are in an out of mental health crisis’s, mostly because of our living situation. This, we kind of expected. Also, we had to wrench a sexist, toxic, abusive asshole from our lives and because of this, we had to shut down our entire website but that would suggest this person somehow has control over us (And punishing visitors). Nah, that’s not in proper #Miscreant fashion.

We have installed a new system on our site that makes things a bit easier for us – We can now restrict family posts from non members without having to shut everything down, entirely. This is much better for us (There are advantages of having control over your own server) and visitors, alike.

Katy Mae and I were talking on the way to the store (I/w=F) and she said “Thank God that ******* **** **** is gone“. Things are pretty fucked up right now but, I bought her some of her favorite cookies.

As we transition the site back open, hang with us – There might be a hang up here or there. If you are having a lot of problems, drop us a note and let us know what’s going on.