Welp, just as some of us thought, we are coming back from a WICKED possession (-P+) that included multiple dominance events (MDE). We have been slipping in and out of possession states for over two weeks. The last two weeks have been an absolute nightmare. We really can’t remember too much, bits and pieces. There is so much happening, we just couldn’t take anymore. We were doing everything in our power to avoid what happened. Autism, PTSD and DiD is an incredibly difficult foe to have to face. We went so far as warning others that this was coming.

Thank you to all of you who sent us messages of support and concern – A lovely gesture(s) that our family truly appreciates. Thank you again, from all of us. Our loved ones sometimes become dismayed when we are in crisis because we self isolate as a family – This is normal for us. Why do we need to talk to others about our problems when we have each other to talk to? This is what makes DiD so wonderful – Outside voices and opinions take on a different meaning.

We learned, somewhere, along the way in recovery, to lean upon each other, not others, if we don’t absolutely have to. People have their own bullshit to deal with – dealing with a very upset DiD family is extremely challenging – Especially when you start dealing with “Opposing Altar States” (OAS) during a possession, fight for control, mixed dominance event or a split (/S/).

We have STAYED SOBER through this and this is very important to us; We were battling the urge to drink for a just a little bit, but happily, we stayed away from the booze. Speaking of which, we have another sober anniversary coming up (Please don’t congratulate us)!! We are nearing a DECADE of sobriety.

We have an amazing announcement; A mute altar (A) has made herself known and we are all still kind of in shock. We know her name, what she looks like; She’s been in and out as we have been in and out. Katy Mae is especially happy and shocked.

Kayleigh Marie ended up temporarily dominant (-D+) and went on the attack (A/atk=KaM) – She was sick and tired of watching some in our family becoming physically and mentally ill over someone in our lives. She had enough and out came the fangs – The person in question was finally and permanently removed from our lives; We can’t say this was a family mutiny (M), just Kayleigh going on the offense after years of abuse and manipulation. Kayleigh Marie acted autonomously, (A/a=KaM) as she usually does.

Who this person is and what they did to our family isn’t important, which is why don’t get into detail as to what happened. No one cares anyways. This person deserved exactly what they got.

Oddly,  we feel the dispossession (DSP) but have yet to experience the post possession crash (PPCr). Reality is coming back into focus and we are taking stock of what has happened and how we are going to react to that fallout. What no one in the “DiD” community (Especially Youtubers) ever talk about is the blind fear, shame, sadness, exhaustion and confusion of MDE’s and  Possessions (-P+) end up engendering. This includes loved ones who also have to deal with that fallout. This has been the longest possession that we have ever experienced, as a family.

We understand why Mr. Matrix brought us up here, in the first place; Recovery in isolation – We get it. No Red Lobster, no reminders of home – We ended up locking ourselves into a building for 3 years and hammered the truth out of ourselves; Complete and total social and medical isolation. The mental health system was poisoning us with their band aid pills and incorrect diagnosis’s that not only destroyed our lives (Or what was left of it) but almost killed us, in the process. We had to solve this mystery, on our own, without outside influence.

So that’s it, lovely people. If you have gotten all the way through this post, thank you for reading more about our family; You are perfect, just the way you are, right now!

The Miscreants.